Whole Body Cryotherapy Beauty Benefits

Whole Body Cryotherapy for Anti-Aging

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With so many treatments coming out promoting that they can aid in slowing the aging process, it’s hard to believe that whole body cryotherapy can do the same. So how does cryotherapy really help rejuvenate the skin and aid in slowing the aging process?

Let’s first look at why the skin all over our body start to wrinkle and sag with age. As we age, the body starts to lose collagen. But does this have to happen? NO!

Collagen is a group of naturally occurring proteins and is mostly found in fibrous tissues such as tendons, ligaments and of course, the skin. At Central Florida Cryo and Wittmer Chiropractic Clinic, we use Whole Body Cryotherapy as a treatment to jump start the production of collagen in the skin. By exposing your body to deep-freezing temperatures, and briefly freezing the outer layer of skin throughout the entire body, the deep layers of collagen are disrupted, and respond by creating more collagen. Those candidates who are experiencing additional cellulite have also reported a clear visual improvement as a result of the Winter Park cryotherapy treatments. As a result, the skin rejuvenates and regains elasticity and appears to look both younger and smoother.

At Central Florida Cryo, located in Winter Park, Florida, our certified technicians have you take a “cryo plunge”, where you submerge your face into the cryo cabin, which then affects the surface of the face, enhancing it immediately as the pores appear much smaller and all inflammation and “puffiness” in the face is reduced, or even eliminated.

Overall Whole Body Cryotherapy Beauty Benefits

  •   Rejuvinates Skin
  •   Increases Collagen
  •   Younger and Smoother looking Skin
  •   Reduces Blemishes
  •   Lessen Spider & Varicose veins appearance
  •   All Natural Results
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