Get rid of cellulite

98% of women have cellulite and many struggle to eliminate it from their life. Cellulite is often thought of as just clumps of fat while in reality it is when fiber and fat do not fit together. Beneath a persons skin are fibrous strands, or compartments that don’t always hold fat cells. When bloated fat cells and lymphatics get trapped in the compartments, the compartments protrude, while the fibrous strands indent the skin making bumpy skin.

Removing cellulite is not always easy and does not always disappear when you lose weight, just reduces the fat patches.

Cryotherapy, a recent treatment in the medical field, surrounds you cylinder container and releases low amounts of liquid nitrogen to lower the body’s temperature to create similar effects of a ice bath in a shorter amount of time. This decrease has many effects on your body like increased metabolism, destruction of abnormal cells, and can help you lose more calories in just one session.

The treatment comfortably cools the skin being sure not to freeze the skin. After the treatment you will feel a tightening in the skin, a refreshing burst of energy and a rejuvinating feeling of beng young. This stimulation gives more collagen to the skin meaning more exspansion.

Treatments take no time at all and you can easily book an appointment on our appointment page here